Having parents take part in our classroom blog turns the blog into a learning community. Here is the post I use to introduce Family Blogging Month.

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In an effort to bring more parents into the blog, I created

Family Blogging Month!

Here is a link to one post about the event
Winners of Family Blogging Month
earn a certificate for a meal at a local restaurant and a free post on our classroom blog!




Students will be inviting their family to participate in a conversation!
Maybe we'll get some 2-point comments!

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Here is a letter I sent out to help parents participate:

Dear Families,

I am thrilled with the support and enthusiasm that has been shown toward our class blog. The students are getting authentic practice with reading and writing, and it is helping to develop their skills in a meaningful way.

Twice a year I run what I call "Family Blogging Month" and our first one will be November. Here is a link to our blog with some useful information. Because I am encouraging students to participate, there will be limited grammar homework during November! I think this type of authentic writing practice is more valuable than a worksheet.

1. What is Family Blogging Month?

  • Family Blogging Month is a way to bring moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends into our online learning community.
  • Family members are encouraged to get involved and make their own contributions to our classroom learning by leaving comments.
  • Students beam with pride when they read comments from their family members. :-)
  • It is a wonderful way to stay connected with the learning happening within our classroom walls.
  • The THREE students with the most comments in November will win a free post on Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog and a gift certificate for a kid's meal at a local restaurant!

2. What are the guidelines for parent comments?

  • It is important to remember that our blog is aimed at third grade students. Although we are encouraging adults to take part, your stories and connections should be geared toward eight and nine year olds. :-)
  • The blog is a place to practice and improve the language arts skills. Please model quality writing. Text-type writing like LOL or OMG is not allowed.
  • I talk daily with the class about limiting personal information on the blog. Last names, our school name, and even our community name are all details I prefer to leave out.
  • Because the friendly letter format is a third grade standard, we use it to frame the comments. When signing your name please do not use your last name. Example:

Lucy (Carol's mom)

3. How do I comment?

4. What do I say when I comment?

5. Where should I leave my comments?

  • Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog ~ Comments are welcome on any post. Check the archive in the sidebar that runs down the right side of the blog. The posts are listed by month. Feel free to strike up a conversation with someone in the comment section!

  • Our World, Our Stories ~ This global project will end in December. Classes from Connecticut, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Belize, and Ghana are coming together to share about their world. Daily school schedules, games, foods, and local environments are all topics for sharing.

  • Yollis' 366 Blog ~ This is a digital photography blog. Anyone can submit a "photo of the day" and the comments are open as well. Make a connection to the photo or write a story about the photo!

We look forward to hearing from you and are excited about our global learning community!

Linda Yollis