Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog is an educational blog.

The posts share information about what we are learning in class.

Contributions for the blog come in many ways: the teacher writes a post, the teacher assigns a post, students ask to write either as an individual or with other classmates.

Students can write about:

  • Content we are learning in class - After we finish a lesson, my students will often say, "We should blog about this!" Imagine, having students ASK if they can write about what they are learning! Here is a post written after a Science lesson on light.

  • Topics that interest them personally - One student has written posts about his community service group call Boys in Action.

  • A place they have visited - If a student wants to write a travel post, he/she must include educational facts about the place. For example, the writer must include relevant information about population, elevation, or the economy of a place. We are an educational blog, so each post must inform. We have travel posts from Washington, D.C., Lake Tahoe, and Palm Springs!

  • Tutorials! When students find a certain topic difficult, as was the case with quadrilaterals, we sometimes create a tutorial. Students can revisit the blog to refresh their memory about the subject.

Sometimes we post movies about what we are learning.

  • Here Gal shares what she learned in class about shooting still/video images. Gal's Camera Tips!

  • Here are some presentations of our dioramas.

The content of this blog is always educational. I look for opportunities for my students to write or share about what they are learning.

Although I use many web 2.0 tools and gadgets, I am constantly thinking about what brings educational value to this site for my students rather than what brings flash.

Here is a link to a blog post about how we get a story written and published on our blog.