Here are a few Web 2.0 Tools that I use on the blog. I have tried to include a few ideas about how to use them in the classroom.

1. Blogger

Free site for blogging. Easy to set up and has lots of ways to customize.

ALERT: Remove the navigation bar at the top. The "Next Blog" may not be an appropriate one.

To remove the nav bar go to Layout and find the Navbar area and click Edit:

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 9.25.46 PM.png

Select "Off" and then "Save"

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 9.23.58 PM.png


2. Edublogs

  • Free site for blogging, although there are advertisements. For a yearly fee, the ads are removed. This WordPress site has a lot of support features, and I will probably move over to this site once my Blogger account is full.

3. VoiceThread

Free site for creating multimedia projects. Images are combined with voices. Recordings can be made in the classroom or added from a home computer.

  • Here is another VoiceThread. This one is a poetry project about summer.
What is Summer?
  • Here is another VoiceThread. This is a great science project about ocelots from an excellent educational blogger, Mr. Salsich.

4. YouTube and Vimeo

These are free video sites to upload and share movies. There is a 10 minute length limit on YouTube. I like to customize a video before I embed it so it does not show related videos that I cannot control. Look for the customize pull-down menu on the YouTube site and do not select the "Show related videos" box.

Here is a link to an embedded YouTube video on the classroom blog. I used both YouTube and Vimeo. The video was too large to upload to Blogger, and that is why I used YouTube. I originally uploaded it only to Vimeo, but later learned that Vimeo is blocked by my district.

TubeChop Allows for taking segments of YouTube videos.

5. Big Blue Labs

This movie poster was created on Big Blue Labs. It was used as an invitation for parents to the showing of our Polygon Movie.

6. Photo Peach

  • A free site to upload pictures and create a musical slide show quickly.
Thanksgiving Fun! on PhotoPeach

Our Visit to the Chumash Museum on PhotoPeach

Students wrote the captions for the photos following a field trip. Photo Peach is a great tool to incorporate images and text.

7. Skype

A free software application that allows users to make video voice calls over the Internet.

  • Here is a blog post that followed a Skype connection. My California class got a video tour of a rain forest project from a class in Connecticut.

8. Jing Free software that adds visuals to online conversations. Instead of typing at people, show them what you're talking about.

Great Lists of Web 2.0 Tools